Ongoing PhD Projects

Sofie Biering-Sørensen, Sofie. Providing BCG at birth to low-birth-weight infants.

Supervisors: Main supervisor: Christine Benn. Project supervisors: Peter Aaby and Henrik Ravn

Project period: 1 June 2011 - 31 May 2014

Silhouette Blok, Bastiaan. Investigating the innate training effects of BCG vaccine and potential effect modifiers. University of Southern Denmark.

Supervisors: Christine Stabell Benn and Mihai Netea

Project period: February 2013 - February 2016

Stine Byberg Byberg, Stine. The effect on all-cause child mortality of the current national policy of limiting measles vaccination to children below 12 months of age in Guinea-Bissau. University of Southern Denmark.


Project period

Nina Marie Eriksen Eriksen, Nina Birk. Calmette-studiet. Pediatric Ward, Hvidovre Hospital. University of Copenhagen. 

Supervisors: Dorthe Jeppesen, Ole Pryds, Lone Graff Stensballe

Project period: 1 September 2012 - 31 August 2015 

Kristoffer Jarlov, Kristoffer. Kønsforskellige Og Uspecifikke Immunologiske Effekter Af Børnevacciner. University of Southern Denmark.

Supervisors: Uffe Holmskov, University of Southern Denmark, Katie Flanagan, DHHS, Australia, Christine Stabell Benn, CVIVA, SSI, Peter Aaby, Bandim Health Project

Project period: 1 March 2011 – 28 February 2014

Aksel Jensen, Aksel. Causal inference for vaccine effects using propensity score. Department of Biostatistics, University of Copenhagen.

Supervisors: Per Kragh Andersen, University of Copenhagen and Henrik Ravn, CVIVA

Project period: 1 May 2012 – 30 April 2015

Jesper Kjærgaard Kjærgaard, Jesper. Bacille Calmette-Guerin immunisation at birth and growth, morbidity and development in mature and premature Danish children. BørneUngeKlinikken, Research Unit for Women's and Children's Health, Juliane Marie Centret, Rigshospitalet.

Supervisors: Faculty Supervisor: Prof. DMsc Gorm Greisen, Neonatal Ward, Juliane Marie Centret, Rigshospitalet. Project supervisor: PhD, MD Lone Graff Stensballe, BørneUngeKlinikken, Juliane Marie Centret, Rigshospitalet

Project period: 1 September 2012 - 31 August 2015

Thomas Nørrelykke Nissen, Thomas Nørrelykke. Immunomodulating effects of Bacille Calmette Guérin vaccination at birth - effect on cytokine response and antibody response to the Di-Te-Per-Pol vaccine in Danish Children. A randomised clinical trial. Hvidovre Hospital. Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

Supervisors: Ole Pryds, Thomas Hoffmann, Lone Graff Stensballe, Christine Stabell Benn

Project period: 1 September 2012 - 31 August 2015

Gitte Thybo Pihl Pihl, Gitte Thybo. BCG vaccination of newborns: which factors affect parents' decision and do their experience of the vaccination influence their attitude towards future vaccinations. Kolding Hospital. University of Southern Denmark, Odense.

Supervisors: Poul-Erik Kofoed, Jette Ammentorp, Lone Graff Stensballe

Project period: 1 September 2012 - 31 August 2015

Signe Sørup, Signe. Børnevaccinationer I Danmark: Uspecifikke Effekter På Sygelighed, University of Copenhagen.

Supervisors: Henrik Ravn, Christine Stabell Benn and Peter Aaby

Project period: 1 April 2010 - 30 June 2013

Lisbeth Thøstesen Thøstesen, Lisbeth M. Kolding Hospital.


Project period:

Marie Villumsen Villumsen, Marie. Non-Specific Effects of BCG and Vaccinia Vaccination on morbidity and mortality. University of Copenhagen.

Supervisors: Faculty supervisor: Prof. Thorkild I.A. Sørensen, Institute of Preventive Medicine. Project supervisor: Adam Roth, MD, PhD, Department of Medical Microbiology, Lund University. Project supervisor: Tine Jess, Dr.Med.Sci, Department of Epidemiology Research, Statens Serum Institut. 

Project period: 1 October 2009 - 14 September 2013 (Maternity leave 1 July 2012 - 27 May 2013).


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