Work Packages

CVIVA will pursue the research activities which are most promising in terms of reducing child mortality and contributing to the proposed shift in paradigm.

A broad range of activities are planned, organized in 9 work packages (WPs):

Research activity  Work Package(s
Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) WP1-3
Cost-effectiveness studies
Observational studies
Immunological studies

 Work Packages
 WP1 An RCT of an additional measles vaccine (MV) at 4 months of age to reduce child mortality and to explore the role of maternal measles antibodies (MatAb) in the beneficial non-specific effects (NSEs) of MV
 WP2 A cluster RCT to determine the effect on overall mortality of providing MV to children after 1 year of age
 WP3 An RCT of BCG at birth and childhood morbidity in Danish children
 WP4 Assessing cost-effectiveness of different health intervention schedules taking NSEs into account
 WP5 Observational studies of health interventions in Guinea-Bissau and other low-income settings
 WP6 Observational vaccine studies in Denmark
 WP7 Development of statistical methods for observational studies
 WP8 Immunological studies based on RCTs in Guinea-Bissau, The Gambia and Denmark
 WP9 Immunological studies in animal models

The link between the WPs and the overall research plan is illustrated in Figure 1.

The research process, testing policy and exploring the immunological effects

Last revised 10 April 2012